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have rcently been hijacked.
The organisation where the registration details of our domains are kept, permitted, by some means, persons other than us to commandeer these domain names. These domain names, registered by us in 2002, are still currently registered to us, and will remain registered to us until 2013.
This is known as "Domain Hijacking" (refer ). We are both under sustained legally sanctioned harassment by persons and institutions who to us appear to act on behalf of Robert Cripps of Guildford Lane Gallery, institutions such as Australia's primary telco Telstra, who disconnected us from the internet by making a number of false claims and allegations against us to justify their action. The Australian Telecommunications minister, Stephen Conroy, has been made aware of Telstra's actions by email. Messages have been left with staff at his ministerial offices, but he has either refused to act, or not yet acted.

The hijacking has been reported to the Australian Federal Police.

Demetrios Vakras
Lee-Anne Raymond
16 October 2011

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